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Digital Literacy Courses

Current Digital Literacy Course Descriptions

Becoming a Good Digital Citizen

Learn how to become a safe, respectful and productive member of the online world. Learners explore key elements of Internet safety, privacy, and security. Additionally, participants will establish a positive online presence, learn about communication protocols, and what it takes to create a digital footprint that maintains a good reputation. Also covered is information about the use of copyrighted materials found online as well as how to protect their own work.

Facebook for Business

Looking for a way to leverage your business through Facebook? This workshop will help you present your business in a positive and effective way. You will learn how to make your Facebook page attractive, techniques used to generate sales, business networking, best practices, and how to interact with fans to increase. 

Getting Productive With Google Drive

Explore the free and powerful tools included in Google Drive's cloud based storage service toolbox. Learners will establish an online website, create interactive forms, dabble in spreadsheets, and create outstanding presentations that are accessible from any device that can reach the Internet.

Healthy Happy Computer

Learn how to take care of your computer to help increase your computer’s speed, keep your files safe, and make using your computer free of frustration. Participants will learn about the tools that come with each computer to help each system run well. 

Internet Security

Internet safety, privacy, and security are of vital concern while you work, shop, email, and access information online. Participants will learn methods of keeping their information safe, establish a positive online identity, learn about communication protocols, and what it takes to create a digital footprint that maintains a good reputation.

Introduction to Computers

This course will introduce students to the world of computers with instruction on how to use a mouse, keyboard, the difference between a desktop and a laptop. Students will learn how to locate programs on the computer,  formatting documents and searching the Internet.

Introduction to Computer Programming

Have you always wanted to learn how to program a computer? This course will help you explore many different types of programming, from creating games to designing interactive webpages to creating apps for devices. This course will also help you experience different forms of programming to help you focus on what specialization you wish to concentrate on.

Introduction to Google Drive

In this course, learners establish a Google account and begin to explore the basic Google tools that are freely available like word processing, email, calendars, and drawing. With Google tools, learning how to share content appropriately is a vital skill. Learn the basics of sharing and how to begin collaboration in this course.

Introduction to iPad®

There are many digital tablets available today like the iPad, Android Tablet, and Kindle Fire. This course introduces the basics of what tablets do well and their limitations. Learners will install and organize applications as well as become acquainted with popular tools currently in use.

Introduction to Social Media

By now you have probably heard of Facebook or Twitter or maybe even LinkedIn. In this course learners will explore social media while learning the benefits and restrictions of each platform. Additionally, learners will explore universal best practices for presenting a positive and productive presence online while protecting oneself and not hurting others. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to take this course to determine which digital communities are best to join for their specific needs.

Making a webpage with WordPress

Have you always wanted to create a webpage? Not sure how to start or what all the parts are? In this course, learners will explore the options WordPress offers for creating your own site. After establishing the basics, learn how to add photos, videos, and other multimedia elements to your page. Building customized menus, adding widgets, and adding plug-ins will help enhance your webpage to be most effective.

Microsoft® Access

Microsoft Access is a powerful database management system that helps you store and analyze large amounts of data for reference, reporting, and analysis. Learners in this class will discover the basics of how databases work. From setting up forms, organizing data and producing functional reports, participants will experience ways to make data work in efficient and effective ways.

Microsoft® Excel I

Spreadsheets can be powerful tools in your personal and professional lives. In this course, participants will learn the basic functions of spreadsheets and how they work. Learners will become comfortable with standard formatting  and basic formulas to create functional spreadsheets.


Microsoft® Excel II

With the basics established, learners move on to more advanced spreadsheet design and interactive functions. Learners will create spreadsheets used in many businesses and explore how to integrate Excel with other applications.

Microsoft® Outlook

In this course, learners will become familiar with a powerful and efficient email tool. From learning the basic conventions of email to managing address books and adding filters, participants will become comfortable communicating online.

Microsoft® PowerPoint

Delivering a professional presentation can be a daunting experience. Learners will become familiar with PowerPoint as a tool to bring your ideas to life. After learning how to add in text, images, pictures, and video, we will explore inserting animation, audio, and other advanced elements to enhance the presentation. Completed presentations will be converted into a video slide show to broadcast on the Internet.

Microsoft® Publisher I

Microsoft® Publisher is a desktop publishing software that helps you create brochures, catalogs, and other documents like a pro. In this course, learners will master the basic skills needed to create a variety of publications. Learn how to add shapes, images, WordArt, and photos to enhance your publications.

Microsoft® Publisher II

Building on skills learned in the Microsoft Publisher I course, learners will create professional layouts, mailings, and add a wide range of printing options in their productions. Learners will explore how to to create materials with a consistent brand through the use of tables and customized schemes.

Microsoft® Word I

Word processing is a vital skill in at home and in today's workplace. In this course, learners will become familiar with the interface and settings in Microsoft Word. Participants will learn how to format a page and its elements, add images, and set alignments to present a clean and effective document.

Microsoft® Word II

Learners will build on their experiences in Microsoft Word I to add advanced features that increase how word processing can create more opportunities of expression. Topics include advanced formatting to create columns and tables within the document to help improve layout. The addition of headers and footers and the use of styles and themes help polish the appearance and consistent look of documents. We will also explore the basics of mail merge to create labels and other documents with increased efficiency. 

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements I

In this course, learners will become familiar with the tools, interface, and basic functions of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. Participants will learn about layers and how to select the best image format for presenting images online or in print.

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements II

In this course, learners will extend their learning from the Adobe® Photoshop® Elements I class to more advanced operations. Individuals will be able to focus on projects that utilize more advanced tools and operations available in Photoshop® Elements.

QuickBooks® I

QuickBooks software features marketing tools, merchant services, and other solutions to help small businesses manage payroll, inventory, sales, and other needs.  It can also help individuals keep track of their finances. In this course, learners will become familiar with the interface and how to customize it for their own needs. With everything set up, learners will explore how to record sales transactions, purchase transactions, keep track of items and inventory and some advanced tricks in each of those areas.

QuickBooks® II

Learners extend their experiences with QuickBooks I to include payroll, transactions, how to create financial reports, and backup data safely. With QuickBooks you can accomplish tasks like an accountant!

Microsoft® Windows 7

This course is designed for business professionals  or individuals who needs knowledge in operating systems and file management skills. Learners will log on to Windows 7, explore its interface, identify the different components in the interface, customize their desktop, manage files and folders, use common tools and programs, and browse the Internet. Learners will also explore how to configure user accounts, work with devices, manage networks, secure system data, enhance system performance, and work with Internet Explorer 8.

Microsoft® Windows 8

This course is designed for any end user who is interested in learning about and using the features and functionality of the Windows 8 operating system for personal and/or professional use. Learners will explore the user interface, learn navigation features and how to tie into modern apps, using Internet Explorer 10, customizing the environment and setting security settings.

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