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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

We offer the following Digital Literacy courses:

· Becoming a Good Digital Citizen

· Facebook for Business

· Getting Productive With Google Drive™

· Healthy Happy Computer

· Internet Security

· Introduction to Computers

· Introduction to Computer Programming

· Introduction to Google Drive™

· Introduction to iPad®

· Introduction to Social Media

· Microsoft® Access

· Microsoft® Excel I

· Microsoft® Excel II

· Microsoft® Outlook

· Microsoft® PowerPoint

· Microsoft® Publisher I

· Microsoft® Publisher II

· Microsoft® Word I

· Microsoft® Word II

· Adobe® Photoshop® Elements I

· Adobe® Photoshop® Elements II

· QuickBooks® I

· QuickBooks® II

· Microsoft® Windows 7

· Microsoft® Windows 8

· Wordpress Web Pages

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Digital Literacy Classes are offered at the locations below:


Axiom Education & Training Center

6 Colonial Way, Machias, ME 04654

Axiom Education & Training Center


Machias Career Center

53 Prescott Dr, Machias, ME 04654

Labor Department-Career Center


Digital Literacy classes can be

arranged at your workplace or other sites in Washington county.


For more information or to enroll in Digital Literacy classes, contact:

Sharon Foss, Axiom Education Coordinator, 207-255-4917


Register online at: