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College Transitions

College Transitions

College Transitions

Prepare for college. Prepare for your future.


Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re not sure what you want to do, Maine College Transitions is the best place to start. 


· College graduates earn twice as much as people with  high school credentials.

· More and more jobs require college degrees.

· You may qualify for financial aid to help with

· college  expenses. 


With support from College Transitions instructors and advisers, you will prepare for college success by reviewing and improving your skills in:

· English (Critical Reading & College Writing)

· Mathematics

· Computer skills

And learning  new skills:

· College Success Preparation

· College Planning. & Tour of college campuses

· File the FAFSA (Federal Application for Financial

        Student Aid)

· Apply and submit college applications

· Research available scholarships and receive support

       in applying for them


Enrollment & Admissions Process

· Meet with a student advisor to review your options.

· When ready, take the ACCUPLACER® test at the

        University of Maine Machias.


Best of all, College Transitions is FREE!

For more information, contact:

Sharon Foss, Axiom Education Coordinator,



Register online at:





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