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Adult Basic Education

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Adult Basic Education (ABE): 

Basic English Labs

 Reading for Comprehension

Develop reading skills from basic understanding to advanced  interpretation of information, prose, fiction, drama, and poetry sufficient to succeed with grades 9-12 standards and high school equivalency tests.

 The Writing Process

The composing process, begins with the writer’s experience, some thinking, and a first draft, which then leads to revision, correction, and a final copy. Students will learn the modes of discourse: narration, description, explanation, and persuasion necessary to create good writing.

 Speaking With Confidence

Investigate and put into practice the various styles and methods of public speaking. Learn skills needed for good speech communication: conception, organization, techniques of generating interest, the use of audio-visual aids, audience inclusion and involvement, and overcoming performance apprehension.


Conversational English for

English Language Learners  (ESL)

Instruction in listening comprehension, spoken grammar, and language acquisition. Specific content will be determined by the needs and interests of the participants created using Individual/Group Needs Analyses and Individual Linguistic Profile and/or Self-Evaluation.

Increase comprehension and spoken English language skills, including pronunciation and intonation required for succeeding in real-life situations like the workplace and job market, educational settings, and community settings such as shopping, banking, and healthcare. Classes begin with simple instructions in grammar and usage, followed by structured conversations where participants are encouraged to use their language skills creatively and spontaneously in authentic situations, increasing confidence in their abilities to express themselves and make themselves understood.


High School Level Math Labs

Develop skills that can lead to completing high school credentials. Individualized instruction focuses on Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Build foundational math skills to find success in the workplace, refresh skills after a long time away from school, and get started earning high school graduation credentials.



Review of basic math skills and an introduction to more advanced concepts needed for algebra.


Find success with basic Algebraic concepts, solving equations, polynomials, and rational expressions typically offered in a high school Algebra I course.


Explore two- and three-dimensional shapes and their properties, properties of lengths, areas, volumes, and rules of quadrilaterals, circles, triangles, prisms, cones, pyramids, and regular polygons.


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